New and unique content is what drives the most optimized blogs and brands on the Internet today. Whether the content comes by way of an endless stream of posts on social media or the biweekly email blast to loyal subscribers, finding the time and ingenuity to create something completely new is undoubtedly a challenge. Thankfully, there is a way to break this tireless content cycle by re-purposing your old content into something new and exciting.

The term “recycling content” comes with a bit of a negative connotation, but despite what you may be thinking, content can be re-purposed without crossing the line into plagiarism. The key to creating good content is letting it inspire you to create more from it. If you are curious as to how you can recycle your quality content, read on.

1. There are Two Parts to Every Story

The long-form style of the blog easily allows for you to expand upon a particular topic. Use this to your advantage by writing a second part to your first blog, or even offering another take on the topic you previously discussed. For example, if your initial blog post discussed the best strategies for starting a business, the second part may include tips to keep said business from failing within the first year.

When developing content for email, you can easily reference the first blog, offering a recap of what your initial point was. Chances are that your readers will be intrigued enough to read both the first and second part of your blog, ensuring that both your old and new content will be seen and enjoyed by your consumers.

2. Use Your Own Quotes

There’s nothing better than getting recognition for your own words. It’s certainly a shame when great content goes unnoticed and unused because it was written in a “one and done” blog years ago. Make sure your content gets seen by taking your best words and using them as quotes in your emails. This will help establish you as an authority in your industry as well as work to ensure your content is easily digested in bite-size quotes.

3. Revamp the Old Content

The saying “old to me, new to you” has never been truer since old content is the perfect fodder for new content. Take this opportunity to freshen up some older blogs. Update your old words, revamp the visuals and use the content in your emails and social media. Feel free to expand upon your original ideas and include any information along with it.

When considering what old content to revamp, be sure to look over your old guest posts. While it may be tricky to re-purpose your guest posts without copying them, it is still a great way to find new content. Use the knowledge and content that you have gained from writing these guest posts in your own emails. While you have to refrain from copying and pasting anything outright, it is a good idea to use these blogs to generate ideas for your own purposes.

4. Promote Old Content Through Email and Social Media

As with a featured content section, your re-purposed and highest quality posts should find their home in a “most popular blog” section. When compiling your emails and social media posts, be sure to link to this section, ensuring that you’ll get as much traffic as possible to your page. Additionally, you’ll want to specifically reference and promote some of your old blogs through your emails and social media as well. Whether your posts are celebrating “Throwback Thursday” or you’re emails are referencing one of your fan favorites, you’ll find that you can easily get fresh eyes on old content simply by linking to it.

There’s no limit to the various ways you can reuse your old content. Use these strategies to make the most of your past blogs through your email and social media. While you shouldn’t re-post the same exact content, you’ll find that borrowing the best parts from your most successful pieces will allow you to get even more interest in your brand.