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20 Funny Cat Memes That Will Brighten Anyone’s Day

The ways of the “Cat meme” are as mysterious as the titular felines themselves. It is hard to know what combination of “cat in a weird pose with text printed around the photo” will appeal to audiences on a particular day. But there is something compelling enough about the arrangement to make cat memeing its own little cottage industry on the internet. Here are 20 of the best memes this industry has churned out recently.

The ways of the “Cat meme” are as mysterious as the titular felines themselves. It is hard to know what combination of “cat in a weird pose with text printed around the photo” will appeal to audiences on a particular day. But there is something compelling enough about the arrangement to make cat memeing its own little cottage industry on the internet. Here are 20 of the best memes this industry has churned out recently.   

We get jerked out of our sleep for the strangest reasons. Sometimes, very rarely, we are awakened by a beautiful idea. Even rarely, that idea does not seem entirely stupid when reexamined under the cold, harsh light of the next day. Clearly, this cat has just discovered one of those rare, beautiful ideas, which, in a rare example of “meta-memeness”, has now become a meme about getting a rare, beautiful idea. Who says memes can’t be deep?

2020 saw the world collectively lose their shit over the coronavirus, which is always depicted in the media as spiky red balls of death. Now imagine if your pet kitten comes home with such a spiky red ball. Your shit would be lost all over again, immediately and acutely. And the kitten would be left wondering why its owners are currently screaming and crying and running away from its latest toy. 

Cats are territorial creatures. So are humans. Do humans own cats, or do cats own their humans and their homes? In this case, the cat in the meme most definitely owns the couch it has parked itself on. Sure, the owner might be the one who paid for the couch, and the house, and the cat, but this formidable feline lets you know that it is the undisputed alpha of the house.

The latest in a long line of ordinary creatures unwittingly photographed in strange and terrifying poses comes “Selfie Cat”. Other animals like chimps and dogs look cute when they try to handle human technology. But cats are too smart and, let’s face it, terrifying for it to be cute. This cat isn’t taking a selfie because it’s being cute. Based on that baleful expression, it’s definitely taking a selfie because it started some shit, and wants to take a commemorative picture to mark the occasion before clearing away the evidence.

Everyone told us 2020’s “work from home” culture was going to be a boon for productivity, allowing us to set our own timetable for working. As the cat in the photo shows, what was supposed to be a boon ended up being something that completely wrecked our sleeping/waking schedule, leaving professionals feeling like they are always falling asleep in the middle of being awake.

If you are not a cat person, it can be difficult to fathom why someone would keep a cat as a pet. The go-to expression for that particular animal is one of supreme contempt for all living things , especially humans. Just look at the cat in the picture, wishing all kinds of bad things on its owner, probably because it got served its dinner a bit later than usual.  

Cats are tough customers, but at least they have occasional bouts of cuddliness and affection. Raccoons, on the other hand, are a whole different story. They can be mean, mean animals when provoked, and the black band around their eyes only heightens their resemblance to thieves who break in at night to steal your television. And now we want to watch a movie about two cats foiling a burglary attempt by a bunch of raccoons. 

The 2020 lockdown has made Netflix the most indispensable commodity in the entertainment business. The lockdown has also allowed humanity to perfect the dead-eyed stare of a cat as we binge-watch all five seasons of Peaky Blinders on our laptops. Add in our expanding waistlines and lack of shaving, and the resemblance of humans watching Netflix to this cat becomes quite uncanny.

Remember that whole “suddenly waking up because of a beautiful idea” bit we talked about in a previous entry? This is the exact opposite of that. When you wake up in the middle of the night suddenly remembering that important bit of work you forgot to do. What would that work be for a cat? Not chasing the rat you saw scurrying across the floor earlier? Not taunting the dog chained to the neighbor’s backyard? Not scratching the brand new couch when you had the opportunity?   

Cats in general are pretty fussy creatures, who enjoy life’s finer luxuries. Even if their appearance does not exactly suggest a suitably fine delicacy of spirit. In the case of this particular meme, the cat may be surrounded by fragrant bathwater fit for royalty, but it retains the expression of a defensive slob who just wants the whole “cleaning” process to be over with already. 

Fur can be a great thing to stroke when it’s attached to the back of your cat. Cat hair scattered over every surface of your house is a different story altogether. Now imagine if your cat manages to get inside your fridge or your washing machine, and leaves big clumps of its fur all over your clothes/eatables. The worst part? The cat wouldn’t even be sorry about all the hairballs you’re coughing up because of it. 

Few things are more adorable than pets wearing human clothes. Just look at this little kitty. It thinks it’s going to the office! It’ll work hard, put in overtime, suck up to the right higher-ups, and finally get that big office on the upper east floor. At which point the fire department would need to lend a hand to get it back down to the ground. Let’s leave the corporate rat race to the actual rats there, kitty.

What Earth-shattering event has to have taken place to elicit such a dramatic reaction from such a perennially unimpressed species? Exactly what is it that the three cats have witnessed? An alien invasion? The apocalypse? Their owners’ new pet rodent? We can but only wonder about the nature of the tragedy, but the three cats better look away soon before their faces melt off from what looks to be some Ark of the Covenant-level stuff. 

Cats might be cute. But kittens are like the super-Saiyan version of that cuteness, rolled into a smaller and more fluffy ball. Just look at that little thing with the long-suffering expression on its face, as though listening to its owner bitch about their awful day at work is a chore that it has resigned itself to suffering through daily. To quote the most famous cat meme of them all, hang in there, kitty. The rant will be over soon.

Cats might grow a bit cold and distant towards their owners, but kittens are still young enough to be much more demonstrative and physically affectionate. This includes wanting to be near their owners at all times. Even if it means plonking yourself on your owner’s laptop when they’re in the middle of work. What’s an owner to do in this situation? You try saying no to that adorable face.

Cats are often seen as lazy creatures. But really what they have is the best set of priorities: eating and sleeping. Humans are not so lucky. While cats nap with full peace of mind, humans have a dozen different chores running through their minds. Even the act of taking a nap also feels like a guilty pleasure, that you can only indulge in by promising to be extra productive after napping. But that last part rarely works out, does it?

The 2020 lockdown produced an unexpected treasure trove of people trying to come to grips with social media technology for the first time. One of the best memes was of the lawyer who could not get rid of a cat filter during a hearing. The filter might not have done the lawyer’s case any favors that day, but it was a huge boon for the meme market.

We have finally found the cat version of the “Do tell” meme, and it is so much more judgemental than the human one! Just look at that little kitty, patiently listening to your rant about your office or your home life or your romantic prospects or whatever, all the while silently judging your every utterance with the kind of supercilious air of superiority that only cats can muster. 

Cats are fairly intelligent creatures. But sometimes nature throws a curveball that the smartest kitty is unable to handle. Behold the case of the cat with the frozen pee! Just look at the poor thing’s expression. It’s a combination of surprise, confusion, horror, and the growing realization that it is going to become the butt of a pretty harsh meme. Hopefully, there wasn’t any actually frozen pee involved in this picture, because, quite frankly, we’re not sure how anyone would go about rescuing a cat from such a predicament. 

Here we have another cat that wants to know how your day went. Only this time, the cat does not appear to be silently judging you for the less-than-stellar way in which you lead your life. It looks like the cat has resigned itself to the fact that being a house pet and being fed and stroked and cuddled all day requires some form of sacrifice, which involves pretending to be interested in the owner’s personal life other than the parts where they feed you, and stroke you, and cuddle you. 


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