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20 Baby Yoda Memes That Have Won Our Hearts

Even though The Child's name has been revealed to be Grogu, the internet will always know him as Baby Yoda, source of uncountable memes. Here are 20 of the best ones:

The Mandalorian has proven that the Star Wars universe is about so much more than Luke Skywalker and his dalliances with the Dark Side of the Force. The lead duo of Mando and Baby Yoda have burrowed their way into the hearts of audiences worldwide. Even though The Child’s name has been revealed to be Grogu, the internet will always know him as Baby Yoda, source of uncountable memes. Here are 20 of the best ones:

To call 2020 a dumpster fire of a year would be putting it mildly. Everything that could have gone wrong did, and the days spent in lockdown seemed to drag on and on without end. Those who started out the year feeling like Baby Yoda, fresh-faced and hopeful, during the lockdown started feeling more like Yoda as he appeared in the original films, old, wizened, and living in a cave, waiting for the chosen one to arrive and put an end to all the misery.  

The only thing cuter than happy Baby Yoda is sad Baby Yoda, with those big ears drooping, and those gigantic eyes cast downward. This meme sheds light on the broken promise of last year, when many optimistically thought they would spend the lockdown working out and getting super-ripped, only to realize that the call of cookies and tacos and the couch is too powerful to resist.

Gaming is a booming business these days, seeing as you can download and play games in the comfort of your bedroom. Every day, various games are getting one kind of discount after another, eliciting baffled rage from the gamer who paid full price for the latest installment of Assassin’s Creed, only to see its price cut by half the next day. Nobody is saying that the average gamer resembles Baby Yoda on a regular day, but in that picture, with the twisted frown and the beady eyes, and the general lack of upper-body strength, one can’t help but see the resemblance.

Baby Yoda is much more fun-loving than Master Yoda. So you can bet when Baby Yoda meditates, he has some kickin’ beats playing in the background as he learns to become one with the force. We already know Baby Yoda is a formidable wielder of the Force, so all that meditation must have really worked for him. One can only wonder what songs he must be listening to on his iPod list, but you know the Cantina Band must be part of it! 

One of the biggest mysteries that no one wanted the answer to regarding The Mandalorian was what is Baby Yoda’s real name, which turned out to be Grogu. Now, Grogu is a perfectly fine name, even though it sounds a bit like the sound your stomach makes when it’s upset. But Baby Yoda just sounds so much cuter than Grogu. Sorry, creators of the show, the Internet did a better job naming this character than you.

We’re not saying Baby Yoda’s adorableness is all down to his diminutive size, but that is a big part of it. Master Yoda was not very huge either, but his younger counterpart straight up looks like he belongs in the North Pole making toys for Santa. And that oversized blanket Baby Yoda wears at all times only makes him look tinier still. No wonder even a stone-cold customer like Mando fell for him!  

Has the world had enough of Baby Yoda memes? Some people certainly think so. For those people, we have a question. Has the world really gotten its act together so well in the past year that we can afford to let go of that little bit of sunshine that comes with a picture of Baby Yoda with a joke attached to it? Sorry Internet, you’re stuck with Baby Yoda memes for the foreseeable future. 

Decades before Yoda babied his way into our hearts, there was another animatronic baby puppet that stole our hearts, Gizmo from The Gremlins. Between Gizmo and Baby Yoda, who is the cuter of the pair? That’s like asking whether ice cream makes for a better dessert than a brownie? The answer is always, both. And now we have to go hunting online for some fanart showing Gizmo and Baby Yoda teaming up.

2020 was a difficult year, and online content provided major comfort for people around the world. As such, Baby Yoda became a lifeline for fans looking to forget the troubles of the world for a brief period, as though The Child was using the Force to hold off our troubles while we watched The Mandalorian. Now if only Baby Yoda could do the same for 2020 as a whole, and allow us to move into a better, brighter new year. 

Baby Yoda is a cheerful little tyke most of the time. But we have to imagine a big part of that cheer is down to the fact that he has never had to work a day in his life. If he were to get a job, we can imagine him reacting the way he does in the picture after a long, hard day of getting yelled at by his boss. In fact, that’s probably how adult Yoda often felt after a long day of Jedi council meetings.

People on the internet feel rather… protective towards Baby Yoda. At this point, he is more a comfort blanket for the world than a character on a show. So far, the show has done a good job of protecting Baby Yoda. And that better not change any time soon. We don’t need any of that Anakin-turning-towards-the-dark-side stuff happening to little Grogu. Let him remain happy and content in the company of his bounty hunter best friend, destroying the frog-people population one egg at a time.

The Mandalorian Season 2 promised to resolve the biggest mystery of the show, by revealing that Baby Yoda’s real name is… Grogu! Interesting. Hearing the piece of information finally brought to light, the internet collectively shrugged its shoulders and carried on calling the character Baby Yoda. We have to assume little Grogu, who is actually fifty years old, might occasionally feel peeved about being called “baby” all the time.

The creators of The Mandalorian knew full well what they were doing when they designed Baby Yoda. Everything about his look and his movements is designed to elicit awws, even when he is simply snacking on some cookies. Between the cookies and the eggs, who would have thought one of the most hot-button issues about the show would be the dietary habits of Baby Yoda?

The central lynchpin of The Mandalorian is the father-son relationship between Mando and Baby Yoda. Despite having no speaking parts, Baby Yoda makes up his part of that dynamic by being the world’s cutest MacGuffin. Whenever the two are in danger, which is basically all time, and Mando tries to enlist Baby Yoda’s help, the latter might not be able to do much in terms of lending a hand and is usually more a hindrance than a help, but we all know when it comes to adventuring, Mando wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Sometimes, amidst all that cute helplessness, it is easy to forget Baby Yoda is actually fifty years old. That practically makes him eligible for senior citizenship. That means the photo of Baby Yoda looking like a grumpy old man driving stick is completely legit. One can imagine him driving a space cruiser in the same manner, honking his horn loudly at passersby, and doing 20mph in a busy asteroid cluster.

School changes us all. Some more than others. We don’t know the finer details about the life cycle of Yoda’s species, but some serious shit must go down at some point for a member of the species to go from looking like Baby Yoda to looking like Master Yoda. Still, age is relative, and who knows, maybe the two versions of Yoda that Star Wars has shown us so far are a lot closer according to their people’s calendar than they appear to be. 

Ashoka Tano’s arrival was hotly anticipated by The Mandalorian fans, and her entry did not disappoint. In Ashoka, little Grogu found a kindred spirit and someone who cared for him in the same manner as Mando. This is one of the sweetest memes for Baby Yoda out there, and the type of poster that gets hung over a “Intergalactic Friendship Goals” slogan in college dorms. 

When you think about it, there are a lot of similarities between Baby Yoda and Vito Corleone. No, wait, that’s actually not true at all. But now we can’t stop thinking about a Godfather-style movie starring Baby Yoda as the Godfather. Mando would be Michael. Ashoka would be Sonny. They would be in charge of the bounty-hunting mafia across the galaxy when the galactic federation comes knocking. We’ve just found our next Disney+ series to binge watch.

It really is remarkable how expressive the puppet used to portray Baby Yoda is. Here it perfectly captures the mixture of panic and resignation when you realize you were this close to falling asleep. But now you have to get up and pee instead. Doesn’t matter how experienced you are in the ways of the force, some problems are just as bad for Star Wars characters as they are for regular people. 

Just when you thought Baby Yoda could not get any cuter, you get a picture of little Yoda carrying an even littler Yoda! Come to think of it, considering Grogu is already fifty, the true newborns of its species must really be as tiny as the tiny Baby Yoda in the picture. Man, Master Yoda must seem like an absolute giant to his planet’s younglings. 

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